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Cavity Reflector Refab Services

After years of service, gold plated laser reflector cavities can become scratched, oxidized or corroded. Any of these conditions will severely degrade the laser system performance level. U.S. Laser can refabricate your old reflector cavity to like new condition, bringing back the power levels you thought were lost forever! Typical turn-around time for this service is about 4 weeks. For customers who can not tolerate this down time, U.S. Laser offers a refab exchange service on certain popular reflector cavities, where the customers cavity is exchanged for one previously refabbed.

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Laser Rod Refab Services

During normal usage, laser rod end faces and coatings can be damaged due to dust, dirt, condensation etc. This damage usually occurs over a period of time, and results in a gradual loss of laser output power. More severe damage such as fractures or end face chips can result in sudden system failure. U.S. Laser offers a service to take your existing rod and repolish and re-coat the end faces to return it to like new condition. Even rods that are fractured or broken may be repairable, if the remaining rod is sufficiently long enough to be serviceable after repair. While this service generally takes about 4 weeks, we also offer a refab exchange program on certain popular sized rods which can have a refabbed rod to you on the next business day! If required, we can also de-mount and re-mount your rod with existing or new rod holders. In some instances, rod ends are merely dirty, and are not otherwise damaged. In these cases, U.S. Laser will be happy to clean and remount the rod. In the unlikely event that your rod is beyond repair, we will be happy to assist you in obtaining a new rod.

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Laser Head Repair and Rebuilding

Whether your laser head is merely performing poorly, or completely out of service, we can help. We will evaluate its condition and give you an estimate of the cost of repair. From simple component replacement, to complete laser head rebuilds, we can handle it! Not only do we repair our own laser heads, but we can repair and rebuild heads from other laser manufacturers, and heads from systems which are obsolete or discontinued. When the repair is complete, we can even operationally test it, and provide you with performance data.

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Optical Fiber Repair

Multi-mode optical fibers used in laser systems are susceptible to end face damage. This damage may be the result of excessive power levels at the surface, or the result of absorption due to dirt or other contamination. If the damage is limited to the end face or to the connector, the fiber can be repaired. U.S. Laser can repolish fiber end faces, and replace or repair connectors of various types. We also offer A/R coating services to reduce the fiber surface losses which can be significant in high power laser systems. We would be happy to assist you in solving any fiber optic problem, give us a call!

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Electronics Repair

U.S. Laser has substantial electronics repair capabilities. Not only can we repair all electronics associated with U.S. Laser produced equipment, But also electronics produced by other laser manufacturers, as well as lasers which are obsolete or have been discontinued. We have extensive experience in the repair of D.C. laser power supplies , R.F. drivers, and power supplies for pulsed lasers, as well as all types of control electronics, and P.C. cards. We have an extensive supply of electronic components which allows us to make repairs expediently. In the past, we have repaired laser equipment produced by Holobeam, Control Laser, General Photonics, J.E.C. Laser, Korad, Lasermetrics, Laser Ionics, Quantrad, and Quantronix, as well as many other laser companies. If you are having problems with a laser currently in use, or even a laser that you would like to resurrect from the dead, please call us, we would be happy to help you!

Field Service

For those customers with laser related problems that require assistance at their facility, U.S. Laser has a staff of experienced field service personnel available for assistance. Our field service staff is experienced in both laser and electronics, and is capable of repairs on equipment produced by both U.S. Laser as well as other laser systems we support. To speak with a USL service tech, call (201)848-9200, or E-Mail Please contact our sales department for our current rates.

Laser and Optical System Engineering Design Consulting

U.S. Laser personnel have extensive experience in field of optical system design. Many of our senior engineers have over 30 years of experience in the laser field. We have been designing state-of-the-art lasers and beam delivery systems for industrial lasers for well over 20 years. Using Zeemax and other proprietary software, our engineers have been able to provide customized optical system design solutions in a cost effective and timely manner. Please contact the U.S. Laser sales department to discuss your specific needs.


Laser solutions for your world
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